Places we visited: London and Mannings Heath

Length of stay: 2 short days

High point: England was a high from start to finish as we enjoyed spending time with
two different sets of wonderful friends and soaking up their warm hospitality.

Low Point: Only allocating two days in England

Local food/flavor: Fish and chips, London Pride beer, and the tasty home-cooking of
our English and ex-pat friends

Language: English

Currency: Pound

Unique Sights: Clean sheets, hot showers, faces we recognize

Purchases: none

Things we did:
  • We spent the first evening with our friends the Hersteins, who treated us to a
    delicious taste from home with a dinner of fajitas.
  • We met the newest addition to the Herstein family, their adorable son.
  • We stayed with Bill and Michelle, our friends through Erin's days at Southwest
    Airlines, and were treated to hospitality at its best!
  • Bill and Michelle live in Mannings Heath, a wonderfully quaint town south of
    London. We strolled around the center of town admiring the charming houses,
    churches and cemeteries.
  • After lunch of fish 'n chips (and a beer) at a neighborhood pub, we drove to the
    (South Downs) to take in the view of rolling green hills.
  • Enjoyed a brief tour of seaside Brighton
  • Soaked up every minute in Bill and Michelle's cozy home with another home
    cooked dinner and conversation into the wee hours of the night.
  • Organized our trekking gear before flying to Africa.
England Overview
Cricket field near the South Downs