The adventure begins! Here we are at a
farewell party in Texas with our family
and friends.

When did you start your trip?

We packed up our apartment in San Francisco and drove to Texas on March 10, 2007 to spend a week with our     
family before the trip. We "officially" left the United States on March 18, 2007 to fly to Paris.

How long are you traveling for?

Who knows! We think we are traveling for just over one year, and will return to the States at the end of March 2008.
But hey-anything can happen along the way and you might see us home sooner...or later.

How long did it take to plan this trip?

Three days. Just kidding. More like nine months. Five months of rolling the idea around in our head, asking each other
"can we/should we/would we really do this?", and four months of dedicated, get down to business, let's make this
happen planning.
Are you experienced travelers?

We are both experienced domestic travelers. We have been all over the United States for work and for fun.
However, neither of us have much experience traveling internationally, so this trip will provide lots of learning for
both of us!

What did you do professionally before the trip?

Erin was the Brand Marketing Manager for Joie de Vivre Hospitality, a San Francisco based company that owns and
manages boutique hotels throughout California.

Jarrod was a solutions account manager for an enterprise software company based in the Bay Area.

How long have you been married?

We were married in August of 2004, so we are approaching our third anniversary. As a matter of fact, it looks like we
will celebrate #3 in South Africa according to our itinerary today.

What languages do you speak?

English. That's it! We are a little embarrassed to admit it, but we don't speak a second language. We would like to
take a Spanish immersion course at the beginning of 2008 to kickoff the South America portion of our trip.
How did you plan this trip?

Thank goodness for the internet. There are a ton of good websites devoted to
extended travel. There is also a book titled "
First Time Around the World"
published by Rough Guide. It is a great starting point to understand all the
components of planning a trip of this magnitude.

Basically, we made a gigantic list of all the places either of us have ever
dreamed of visiting. Then we looked to see how many of them overlapped.
Luckily, quite a few did! After that, we prioritized our list of destinations, and
began weeding some of them out based on various factors, such as cost
(Japan), difficulty to get to (Australia), or places that we know we will
definitely get back to later in life (Spain).

Finally, we grouped the remaining destinations into continents and began
building the most direct route, keeping an eye on weather patterns, busy
tourist seasons, and major festivals going on.

How are you traveling?

We are traveling via plane, train, bus, boat, subway, camel--you name it, we
will probably be on it within the next year. Most of our long distances will be
covered by our around the world airline ticket, which we purchased through
the OneWorld Alliance. Within Europe we purchased a four country Eurail
pass. Other than that, we are piecing our transportation together as we go.

Where are you from?

We were born and raised in Texas. Jarrod grew up in Plano, right outside
Dallas, and Erin grew up in Hurst, outside of Fort Worth. We have lived in San
Francisco, California for the past four years.
Cinque Terre, Italy