Places we visited: Nairobi (Kenya), Arusha, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Lake Manyara,
Ngorongoro Crater, Stonetown and Bwejuu (both on Zanzibar island)

Length of stay: 21 days

High point: Reaching Uhuru point on Mt. Kilimanjaro, becoming friends with our guide
and porters after spending six nights on the mountain together, enjoying our first
shower after six nights on Kilimanjaro, witnessing a fight between a buffalo and a
pride of lions in the Serengeti, being within ten feet of a herd of elephants, having a
safari guide who knew everything about wildlife, feasting on the biggest crab we have
ever seen in Bwejuu on Zanzibar Island, being the only guests at the Mwamba
Garden Village and soaking up the island village hospitality.

Low Point: Witnessing the poverty and lack of opportunity that the majority of
Tanzanians face, the number of children begging for money and school supplies, the
disappointment of a seeing a run down Stonetown, finding out our hotel in Zanzibar
rarely had warm water and sometimes had no water at all

Local food/flavor: Ugali, Zanzibar lychee, red bananas, passion fruit

Language: Swahili

Currency: Tanzania Shilling

Unique Sights: Maasai children herding goats across the open plains, women
balancing baskets of goods, jugs of water, and firewood on their head, the Maasai
dancing ceremony, looking down on the clouds from our campsites on Kilimanjaro,
watching the sunrise from the highest point in Africa, fields of banana trees,
witnessing the bribing of local Zanzibar cops to allow unauthorized vehicles to take
tourists (us) to the Zanzibar villages.

Purchases: Kilimanjaro t-shirt

Things we did:
  • Traveled overland from Nairobi, Kenya to Arusha, Tanzania
  • Reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro on a six-night, seven-day climb with Roy
  • Enjoyed an amazing six-day safari through Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro
    Conservation Area, and the Lake Manyara National Park, again through Roy
  • Ate dinner at the nightly fish market in Stonetown, Zanzibar
  • Relaxed beside the Indian Ocean on the eastern coast of Zanzibar Island
  • Learned the local game of bao at the Mwamba Garden Village in Bwejuu on
  • Played with kids from the local villages on the Bwejuu beaches
Tanzania Overview
Ngorongoro Crater Zebra & Wildebeest