Places we visited: Stockholm

Length of stay: 4 days

High point: Looking at all the pretty people, endless selection of international cuisine

Low Point: The weather was overcast and rainy the whole time (as you will see,
everything we did was indoors)

Local food/flavor: Deliciously authentic Swedish meatballs

Language: Swedish

Currency: Swedish Kroner

Unique Sights: Modern art exhibits located throughout Stockholm's subway system,
blondes, blondes and more blondes!

Purchases: none

Things we did:
  • Admired Stockholm's impressive collection of art at the Modern Art Museum
  • Spent an afternoon at the Nobel Museum
  • Viewed a collection of Winston Churchill's paintings
  • Satisfied our cravings with a Tex-Mex burrito
  • Took advantage of a small coffee shop in Gamla Stan that offered free coffee
    refills while we waited for a break in the rain
  • Browsed in Scandinavian design furniture stores
Sweden Overview