Places we visited: Bled and Ljubljana

Length of stay: 6 days

High points: Hiking up a hill beside Lake Bled to admire the aerial view of the lake,
island and castle, hanging out in Ljubljana's many cafes and teahouses

Low Points: Two days of rain in Bled cancelled our biking and boating plans, losing
our camera, eating a horseburger (a local favorite, but not a Buckley favorite), when
Ljubljana was infiltrated with thousands of teenagers in orange t-shirts blowing
whistles all afternoon in support of some charitable cause that we could never
ascertain, but we did come away with a raging headache.

Local food/flavor: Slovenian cuisine seems to meld elements of its neighboring
countries--Italian, Hungarian, Austrian, and Croatian cooking. To be honest, the
cuisine of these countries are starting to blend together at this point!

Language: Slovenian

Currency: Euro

Unique Sights: The Church of the Assumption perched on a tiny island in the middle of
Lake Bled, the raging Radovna River cutting through Vintgar Gorge, the sheer number
of cafes in Ljubljana (we don't think anyone works in this city, they just hang out at
these cool cafes!)

Purchases: none

Things we did:
  • Bled
  • Hiked through sleepy Slovenian towns to reach Vintgar Gorge
  • Hiked around Lake Bled and the surrounding hills
  • Hung out at the local coffee shop during the two days of torrential

  • Ljubljana
  • Walked up a dangerously steep path to reach the Ljubljana Castle
  • Enjoyed a couple Union's (Slovenia's beer) at a local jazz bar
  • Ate a darn good meal of Mexican food (although they did serve Nacho
    Cheese Doritos instead of tortilla chips)
Slovenia Overview
Lake Bled