Ljubljana. It’s hard to say. Heck, it’s hard to type. To be completely honest, before we went it was even hard for
us to find on a map. So, why did you go there you might ask? For a little piece of serene Europe.

Nestled between Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Austria, Slovenia is content not to be a top destination in most people’
s itinerary. By European capital standards, it is sleepy. There are no “must see” sights. There are no “must do”
activities. But, after visiting a handful of countries with mile long “to do” lists, Ljubljana was just the kind of city we
were seeking.
What Ljubljana does have plenty of are cafes and
bookstores. Since reading a good book in a
coffeehouse is one of the ways Jarrod and I like to
spend our spare time back in San Francisco, we
were all in for a day or two of this. Plus, we really
needed to stock up on new books before our 30+
hour train ride to Greece.

Before settling down in a café we did explore the
city a little bit. As all European capitals seem to
have, Ljubljana sports a castle. And the Ljubljana
River snakes its way through the city. But unlike
other rivers in Europe, the Ljubljana River seems to
serve more as background scenery for the
hundreds of cafes and bars than as an attraction
itself. There were no sunset cruises taking place
down this river. There is an interesting bridge over
the river. The Dragon Bridge, aptly named for the
four dragons guarding each corner of the bridge,  
comes complete with an interesting myth.
According to local legend, the dragons will raise
their tail when a virgin crosses over the bridge. I’m
not saying this isn’t true, but we were in town for
three days and I didn’t see the dragon’s tail move
once. So either it is false, or Ljubljana has some
explaining to do concerning its young female

After checking out these sights we were quite
content to kick back for the rest of our time in
Ljubljana to people watch and read, visit a jazz
club, and sample the local Mexican restaurant. Who
would have thought...Mexican food in Slovenia! It
was pretty good, despite the fact that instead of
serving tortilla chips with salsa they served Nacho
Cheese flavored Doritos!
One of the many cafe-lined streets in Ljubljana
Pretty little Ljubljana River
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