Places we visited: Oslo, Bergen, the western fjords, Fjaerland and Gudvangen

Length of stay: 9 days

High point: Admiring the view from the top of the Flatbrehytta hike, seeing a glacier
for the first time, sailing through the Sognefjord

Low Point: Finding out just how insanely expensive Norway is. For example, a combo
meal at McDonald's costs $12 US dollars!

Local food/flavor: We have no idea, we ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for
almost every meal.

Language: Norwegian

Currency: Norwegian Kroner

Unique Sights: Standing atop the Flatbrehytta hike with the fjords and the colors of
summer on our right and a glacier and snow-covered mountains on our left, seeing
the sun still up at 1:00am

Purchases: none

Things we did:
  • Explored the town of Oslo (unfortunately there is not a whole lot to do in this city)
  • Rode the famous Oslo-Bergen and Flam trains
  • Enjoyed the bustling and beautifully located city of Bergen
  • Sampled the wide variety of seafood at Bergen's fish market, including whale
  • Strolled through Bergen's historic Bryggen distirct
  • Biked from Fjaerland to the Boyabreen glacier
  • Hiked to the Flatbreen glacier
  • Explored the tiny town of Mundal, Norway's second hand book capital
  • Took a ferry from Flam to Gudvangen along the narrow and dramatic Sognefjord
  • Holed up in the Gudvangen's smallest and coziest cabin while it rained
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Boyabreen Glacier - Norway