Places we visited: Amsterdam

Length of stay: 4 days

High point: Checking out what makes Amsterdam Amsterdam, visiting the Van Gogh
museum, bicycling through Amsterdam's flat countryside to see all the windmills and
house boats.

Low Point: None that I can remember!

Local food/flavor: Not sure, but we enjoyed a large selection of good fast food.  
Hmm.. I wonder why there is so much cheap fast food in Amsterdam.

Language: Dutch

Currency: Euro

Unique Sights: Do we really need to say what the unique sights in Amsterdam are.

Purchases: none

Things we did:
  • Strolled through the infamous red light district
  • Visited the Van Gogh Museum
  • Walked up and down the streets of the Jordaan neighborhood
  • Rented bikes for the day to see the Amsterdam countryside
Netherlands Overview