From Athens we took the bus northwest to Delphi. In ancient times Delphi was considered the center of the
world. According to legend, Zeus released two eagles at opposite ends of the world and they met here. If I was an
eagle, I might make a beeline for Delphi as well. The setting alone is magnificent. It is built on the slopes of Mt.
Parnassos and overlooks the Gulf of Corinth. Maybe due to this setting, the ancient Greeks chose Delphi as the
place to build a sanctuary and temple to both Apollo and Athena. Ruins of these structures can be seen today. The
ruins, combined with mythological folklore, can really come alive. For instance, the ancient oracle of Delphi is said to
have lived in the temple of Apollo. Greeks would travel from miles around to consult her on matters of war, love,
and the future. Legend has it that Alexander the Great once consulted the oracle regarding his plans to conquer
the world.
      After Delphi, we continued our tour of mainland Greece and
made our way (via three buses!) to Meteora. Meteora is home
to seven monasteries perched precariously on the top of
towering rocks. These monasteries were built in the 14th
century as a peaceful haven for the monks to escape the
bloodshed of the war between the Turks and the Romans. At
that time, the only way to enter the monasteries was by
means of a net attached to a rope that the monks would haul
up to permit entrance. A story goes that when apprehensive
visitors inquired how often the rope was replaced, the cheeky
monks replied with “when the Lord lets them break”. Very
comforting! Now, thank goodness, there are steps carved into
the rock, and the only people who use the nets today are
Greek Orthodox priests from abroad who want the “real”
One of the seven cliff top monasteries in Meteora
   We are thankful that we were able to see such diverse areas of Greece. We had a great time on the islands, in
the city, and in the villages. The highlight of our time in Greece was spending quality time with our friends. We now
look forward to the adventures Turkey has in store for us!
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