Places we visited: Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Athens, Delphi, Meteora

Length of stay: 15 days

High point: Partaking in the Oia, Santorini nightlife (one bar!) with our friends from the
States, devouring delicious gyros at Time Out after a city-wide search for the best
gyros in Hania, discovering Athens is not the abhorrent city that we had heard,
meeting Panos, the vivacious and ultra-hospitable owner of our hotel in Oia, Santorini,
and last but not least, receiving the news that our first niece had been born

Low Point: Battling mosquitoes in our tent on Mykonos in the middle of the night,
hearing that our friends missed their connecting flight to Santorini, the Samaria Gorge
being closed due to rain, being the target of a pickpocket attempt in an Athens
subway station

Local food/flavor: Biram, ouzo, dolmas, Mythos beer, gyros, authentic Greek salads

Language: Greek

Currency: Euro

Unique Sights: The sunset from Oia. The hundreds of people who come to watch the
sunset in Oia. The excessive amount of dog poop in Oia.

Purchases: None

Things we did:
  • Mykonos
  • We included this stop at the last minute to avoid the crowds and hotel
    sell-out situation in Athens due to the championship game of the
    European Champions League
  • Camped 100 meters from the ocean on a beach in Mykonos in a canvas  
    tent that resembled a small army barrack
  • Smoked Cuban cigars on the beach at sunset

  • Santorini
  • Watched AC Milan beat Liverpool in the championship game at a packed
    pizza restaurant with the Santorini locals
  • Drank ouzo and wine with our hotel owner, Panos
  • Met our friends from the States (Greg, Hollie, Matt and Kelly)

  • Crete
  • Rented a van and drove to (beach) and to (town), a remote, all organic
    village located high in the mountains

  • Athens
  • Explored the Acropolis
  • Watched (listened to?) an opera in the ancient outdoor amphitheater of
    Odeon of Herodotus Atticus, located right beneath the Acropolis
  • Watched "Pirates of the Caribbean III" at an outdoor movie theatre
    located right below the Acropolis

  • Delphi
  • Explored the ruins of Ancient Delphi which includes the sanctuary of
    Apollo and Athena. It is also the home of the ancient Delphi oracle.

  • Meteora
  • Hiked between and toured the stunning Greek Orthodox monasteries
    built high atop steep cliffs
Greece Overview
Oia, Santorini