It is always fun to meet fellow travelers and trade stories. Whether you are looking for
the best place to stay in Bangkok, the easiest way to obtain a China entry visa or just
trying to kill a few minutes at work, the websites and blogs of current around the
world travelers are a great place to start. We have collected the following personal
sites from people we have met on our travels. - We met Ryan in Turkey and picked his brain for
hours! He is spending 14 months traveling extensively throughout Asia and Europe. He
was a great source of information about "off the beaten path" treks, sights, and
destinations. - Mirjam is biking from the Netherlands to
Australia. Yes, you read that correctly! She is BIKING from the Netherlands to Australia.
When we met her in central Turkey, she was headed east and making her way to Iran. - Mostafa Mahmoud Salameh is the first professional
Jordanian mountaineer, who aims to climb the 7 Summits of the world. We met Mostafa
during our Kilimanjaro climb.  He summited Kilimanjaro on the same morning as us.  
Now he has reached the highest summits on 6 of the 7 continents.  He will be making
his third attempt on Everest this fall.  Through his achievements, Mostafa seeks to
promote a positive global image for the Middle East and to inspire the next generation
of Arab youth to believe in their “impossible” dreams.  Hopefully, this fall Mostafa will
accomplish his dream!!!
Fellow Travelers
Chianti Region - Italy