Places we visited: Plitvice Lakes National Park, Split, Brac Island (Supetar and Bol),
Hvar Island (Hvar Town)

Length of stay: 9 days

High point: Seeing the beautiful lakes and waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park,
relaxing on Jerolim island off of Hvar Town where we were two of only four people on
the island, enjoying the beautiful Zlatni Rat beach which extends like a tongue into
the Adriatic Sea

Low Point: The downpour that started during our stay in Plitvice Lakes National Park
and followed us to Split

Local food/flavor: In the north Croatia's food is very similar to Czech
lots of meat and potatoes.  On the coast, there is plenty of seafood, and squid is the

Language: Croatian

Currency: Kuna

Unique Sights: Cruising by Croatia's numerous islands on a passenger ferry, looking
down on Hvar Town harbor from Fortress Spanjol, five backpackers and a driver
loaded into a small Hyundai Accent with our backpacks hanging out the trunk (our
mode of transportation from the dock to our room in Hvar Town)

Purchases: Erin finally broke down and bought jeans! A girl just can't live without

Things we did:
  • Hiked throughout Plitvice Lakes National Park
  • Relaxed on the beaches of Bol and Hvar Town
  • Relaxed on the beaches of Bol and Hvar Town
  • Did I say that we relaxed on the beaches of Bol and Hvar Town???
  • Explored the old town of Hvar Town which included climbing to Fortress Spanjol,
    seeing the Cathedral of St. Stjepan and the Franciscan Monastery
  • Explored the old town of Split
Croatia Overview
Hvar Town Harbor