Places we visited: Innsbruck

Length of stay: 2 days

High point: Riding a train through the Alps, the friendliness of the locals, hiking from
alm to alm in the Alps (an alm is basically a small cabin serving weary hikers cold beer
and local food)

Low Point: Learning we arrived too early in the season to do a circuit (hut to hut) hike

Local food/flavor: Weinerschnitzel, kasekreiner, dumplings, cordon bleu, Egger and
Zipfer beer

Language: German

Currency: Euro

Unique Sights: Men wearing kneesocks

Purchases: none

Things we did:

  • Hiked in the Alps
  • Ate dinner at the local brat stand two nights in a row
  • Sampled the apple strudel, a local specialty
  • Enjoyed the local brew at Hofgarten (a beer garden)
Austria Overview
Innsbruck, Austria